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Plastic Edge Protectors

Reduce the risk of damaging cartons when using high tension strapping.

Plastic Edge Protector Manufacturers

These robust plastic strapping edge protectors are ideal for keeping boxes and cartons in perfect shape during transport. The angled pieces protect packaging from damage due to tight polypropylene or plastic strapping. Designed to withstand maximum strap tension, the poly strapping edge protectors are durable and excellent for stabilising loads.

Available in two sizes, these edge protectors are great for a wide range of strapping purposes. They are suitable for hand or machine plastic strapping, with the precast channel holding the strapping in place. Coming in a smart black colour, these strapping edge protectors provide packages with a professional finish.

Protect cartons and boxes from tight polypropylene strapping with these black plastic strapping edge protectors. A re-usable packaging partner, the edge protectors are made of durable angled material designed to stop both the packaging and its contents from damage and indentation while in transit.

Aside from helping keep packages in perfect quality, these poly strapping edge protectors also provide your loads with a presentable finish, giving a good impression to clients and customers. The strap guards are very simple to use – just position them on the edge of the carton and place the strapping over them for the complete packing protection you need. The precast channel of the edge protector will hold the polypropylene or plastic strapping in place, stopping it from slipping.

Superb for use when securing palletised loads, we offer a choice of small or large sized strapping edge protectors to accommodate a wide range of carton or box sizes.