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Printed Stretch Film

Printed Stretch Wrap Films Bangalore


Make your pallets stand out by using Printed Stretch film from Total Pack. Advertise your Company or products in a unique way plus give your load extra security by making them tamper evident. You can have complex company logos or just a simple “Fragile” print.


Printed stretch film is available in both machine and hand rolls and it made to order.

Please note printed machine film is not recommended for use on a power pre-stretch machine as the stretching of the film through the rollers distorts the print too much.

Why buy printed stretch wrap film from Total Pack?

  • Guaranteed pallet / roll weights
  • All our film is produced in Europe
  • Premium quality
  • Hand and Machine rolls available
  • Experienced staff to advise the most suitable material


Suitable for Paper, metal, plastic, chemical industry, building materials, food,medicine and other products packaging.