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PVC Shrink Film

Economical PVC shrink film packaging to seal and protect your products.

PVC Shrink Film Suppliers Bangalore

PVC shrink film is the least expensive and most commonly used form of shrink wrap. This clear plastic film has strong, shape conforming and puncture resistant properties, making it an ideal choice when the product has an uneven shape or sharp edges.

PVC shrink film provides a durable, tamper evident way of packaging CD's, DVD's and many other items and also protects your products from dust and moisture. It shrinks at a low temperature and will generally work well with most brands of heat guns and shrink wrap machines.


  • A clear, low cost plastic sheeting (film) used.
  • To overwrap products and packages for protection and to keep people from opening the packages prior to purchase.
  • To bundle multiple products together.
  • To reduce cost of packaging a product.
  • To provide a see-through overwrap for a product and advertise at the same time.

Benefits Of PVC Shrink Film

  • Use heat guns or shrink tunnels to shrink.
  • High slip for use in high speed automatic machines.
  • Very strong and flexible.
  • Low temperature (200° - 250°F) shrinking.
  • Can be treated, printed, and tinte.