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Model: PW 316H
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Strap, Bundle Cartons and Boxes Securely and Quickly

PW 316H Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

PW 316H Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine is the most popular in the India and worldwide in fact - due to its reliability and low cost. For use with 9, 12 or 15 mm wide polypropoylene strapping.


Plug it in and you will be able to apply a strap to a carton every 2 seconds... that's much faster and less costly than using handtools where labour cost really becomes a big issue.


Close Cabinet, Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance, 60 sec. Auto-Stop, Electronic Tension, Digital display, PCB Control, 100% Made In Taiwan



Time Saving, Man Power Saving, Unbreakable Joint, Uniform Tension, Metal Clip Saving, Strap Saving, Low Power Consumption.


  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenient to adjust strapping tension: Electric control
  • 60 sec. auto-stop: electricity-saving
  • Advanced P.C.B control system
  • Made in Taiwan: Quality assurance
  • Super-light strapping tension
  • Electronic touch panel for tension adjustment: Digital display
  • Made in Taiwan: Quality assurance


  • Air filter 
  • Stainless steel structure SUS #304
  • Caster with brake


  • Power: 1 Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Strap Width: 9, 12, 15 mm (adjustable) (6mm option)
  • Strapping Tension: 5 ~ 50 kgs
  • Strappping Speed: 2.0 sec./strap
  • Strapping Size: Min.: 60 mm, Max.: Any size
  • Table Height: 750 mm
  • Machine Size: L910 x W580 x H750 mm

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