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Instapak® 901 - Foam In Place Packaging System

Spray Foam Packaging

Ideal For Mid-Size To Large Packaging Operations

The Instapak® 900 series featuring the Instapak® 900 and 901 systems is our latest generation of proven all-electric, foam-in-place packaging systems, featuring electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls to guarantee top-quality Instapak® foam packaging.


Foam-in-Place: A simple cushioning or blocking-and-bracing process protects a variety of items of different shapes and sizes.

1. Self-diagnostic controls
2. Built-in timers
3. The flexibility of adjusting the amount of foam dispensed for your application
4. All electric operation; no compressed air


Built-in timers let you control the amount of material used. A series of ten dispense times can be used to simplify your packaging process.


The Instapak® 901 system can be adjusted to dispense foam at the ideal rate for your application. Instapak® 901 foam output rate: 5 to 7.5 lbs/min.


The Instapak® 901 system meets major international product safety standards.


The electric pumps and self-diagnostic controls guarantee top quality Instapak® foam.


The all-electric Instapak® 901 system installs in minutes. No scheduled maintenance is required.

Foam in Place Process

A simple cushioning or blocking and bracing process for a variety of items in varying shapes and sizes.

1. Instapak® foam is dispensed into a carton lined with high-strength Instamate® film.

Foam Packaging Sheets

2. The Instamate® film is folded over, and the product is placed on the rising foam.

Foam Packaging Solutions

3. A second sheet of Instamate® film is placed over the product, and more Instapak® foam is dispensed.

Foam Packaging Machine

4. Your customer receives your product undamaged.

Custom Foam Packaging
The state-of-the-art console has foam output controls, built-in timers and self-diagnostic features for user-friendly operation. Foam Packaging Manufacturers
Every Instapak® system utilizes our patented, self-cleaning cartridge dispenser. Spray Foam Packaging