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BRANOrost Chips Anti Corrosion Emitters

We protect your products. During shipment and storage.

BRANOrost Chips are cuttings of different sizes and shapes made from cellu-lose and saturated with the premium VCI quality of BRANOpac. By emitting constantly a small amount of active anticorrosion substances (VCI principle: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), BRANOrost Chips helps to protect metal parts during transport and storage. In packages or containers lined with these Chips, a protecting atmosphere is built up, which reliably prevents corrosion of metal parts. BRANOrost Chips have a repository effect.


BRANOrost Chips are lined in packages or adhered to hollow spaces with thick outer walls. The better the outer seal, the longer the protection will last.

Development of the Protective Atmosphere

The distance between BRANOrost Chips and metal depends on the package volume and the time permitted for a protecting atmosphere to build up. A rule of thumb: for steel and cast iron, a full protection is achieved at a distance of 30 cm after 15 minutes, for copper and copper based alloys, at 12 cm and af-ter 24 hours.

Range of Protection

According to your application, BRANOrost Chips are available in three different performances.

R BRANOrost Chips R protects steel, cast iron, chromium, pure aluminium and pure zinc reliably.
Be careful with, zinc, nickel, cadmium, lead, soldering tin, magnesium, wolfram, molybdenum, copper and its alloys.

U BRANOrost Chips U protects steel, cast iron (only on contact), zinc, chromium, copper, brass, bronze, pure aluminium and pure tin reliably.
Be careful with cadmium, lead, tin-solder, magnesium, wolfram and molybdenum.

M BRANOrost Chips M, same as BRANOrost Chips R, but without nitrite.

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