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BRANOfol M3 VCI Corrosion Protection Film

We protect your products. During shipment and storage.

BRANOfol M3 is a blue dyed, nitrate-free special polyethylene film with double-sided active VCI corrosion protection. It is water-proof, weldable and suitable for automatic packaging as well as bag production. BRANOfol M3 is available from 40 to 250 micron.


BRANOfol products constantly emit small amounts of corrosion inhibiting substances (VCI: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) which effectively protect metal parts from corrosion during transport or storage.

  • BRANOfol M3 Basic is a standard corrosion protection film.
  • BRANOfol M3 XS Premium is a highly tear-proof corrosion protection
  • BRANOfol M3 SXS Premium is a highly tear-proof and shrinkable corrosion protection film. Due to the excellent shrink ability it is especially suited to secure loads during short transports.
  • BRANOfol M3 XA Premium is a violet, antistatic corrosion protection film. Due to the antistatic properties it is very well suited for packages combining metal parts and electronic components.
  • BRANOfol M3 ESD Premium is a black, electrically conductive corrosion protection film. It is used for packaging electronic printed circuits and other sensitive electronic components.
  • BRANOfol M3 FL Premium is a flame retardant corrosion protection film that can also be produced in a highly tear-proof version. It corresponds with the fire protection classification B2. This film is used in
    areas with a high risk of fire hazards due to spontaneous combustion or where open fire is used.
  • BRANOfol M3 KL Premium is a cross-laminated corrosion protection film that is especially suited for packaging that requires a high tear-resistance.
  • BRANOfol M3 UV Premium is a UV-stable corrosion protection film especially suited for long periods of outside storage.

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BRANOfol LPM 6.18
Insulating Air Cushion Foil with Corrosion Prevention

BRANOfol LMP 6.18 is a blue, one-sided, nitrite- and amine-free, special polyethylene insulating air cushion foil, which, alongside its padding, offers one-sided effective, active corrosion prevention. BRANOfol LPM 6.18 is waterproof, weldable and suitable for automatic packing as well as paper bag production.


By emitting constantly a small amount of active anticorrosion substances (VCI principle: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), BRANOfol LPM 6.18 helps to protect metal parts during transport and storage. Active VCI agents effuse and build up a protecting atmosphere, which protects reliably against rust, even after having opened the package for a short time - the protecting atmosphere can be rebuild immediately.


The distance from the foil to the metal depends on the package volume and the time permitted for a protecting atmosphere to build up. A rule of thumb: 10 cm.

Development of the Protecting Atmosphere

Volume: Duration:
< 25 L approx. 30 Min.
< 1 m³ approx. 3 Hours
> 10 m³ > 10 Hours

Range of Protection

BRANOfol LPM 6.18 protects steel, cast iron in contact, nickel, aluminium and chromium reliably against corrosion.

BRANOfol LPM 6.18 is neutral with copper and its alloys.

Be careful with zinc, cadmium and magnesium and its alloys.

Duration of protection: Depending on the climatic conditions and closeness of package, up to 12 month.

For application advice, please contact your application specialist.

BRANOstretch M5 VCI Stretch Film

BRANOstretch M5 is a bluish, transparent stretch film with active VCI corrosion protection that is especially suited for packaging steel coils. BRANOstretch M5 is a waterproof polyethylene (LLDPE) film.


The film continually releases tiny traces of active substances into atmosphere, even when no direct contact has been made to the metal surface.


Thickness: 30 micron
Other thicknesses on request.

Range of Protection

BRANOstretch M5 protects steel, cast iron, nickel, aluminiumchromium, zinc and copper and its alloys reliably against corrosion.

We recommend a compatibility test in practice or in our laboratory before working with it.

Protection duration: Up to 12 months depending on the climatic conditions and how tightly sealed (leak-proof) the packaging is. The duration of protection can be adjusted once details of the application circumstances are known.

For application advice, please contact your apllication specialist.


In order to get the best out of VCI BRANOstretch M5. films, the finished packaging should create a closed space. Steps should be taken to prevent water from penetrating the packaging and reaching the packaged goods.

The surfaces to be protected must be dry and free from corrosion-promoting residues such as finger sweat (please wear gloves), aggressive detergent-based substances and others. Acids and strong alkaline can also affect the corrosion protection system. If there's doubt, we recommend carrying out a compatibility

The protected materials should be kept away from direct contact with wood or acidic materials. It is also important to make sure that relative atmospheric humidity is kept low and that there is no atmospheric contamination (make sure that there is no wood in the packaging).

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